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Year in Review 2017!

2016 Year in Review Video!

This is a video we created to remember our fallen brother, Chief Engineer Teddy Hawley (Ret.).

It’s that time of year again. 2015 Year in Review!

Another great year in the books. Check out the 2014 Year in Review Video!

2013 Year in Review Video! This has been an amazing year, thanks for all of your commitment and dedication…

Check out our Year In Review video from 2012! We hope it speaks for itself. Thank you for your support!

Members participate in some auto extrication training! Two scenarios that challenge the veterans and educate the new members. The first scenario was setup such that a pipe has landed on a minivan. Members had to first secure and lift the pipe then complete a full roof removal. The second scenario was setup such that a sedan had flipped upside down and landed on another sedan at the edge of large ditch. Each scenario took about 45 minutes to complete. Hope you enjoy the video, the footage was taken by one member wearing a GoPro Hero 2 camera!

Here is an old Year in Review Video from 2008. It’s always humbling to see how far we have come.



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