Firefighter of the Month: November 2018

Every month we recognize one of our members who has gone the extra mile, given some of their time to help other members, or used their talents to make Howe Springs better. This month, we wanted to take that recognition leaps and bounds further, to recognize two people who went the final mile, gave up all of their time, and used every talent they had to make Florence County better. Florence City Police Sergeant Terrence Carraway and Florence County Deputy Investigator Farrah Turner will always be our heroes. These two, are our “Firefighters of the Month” for November 2018 because regardless if you work under the blue line or the red line, we are all brothers and sisters working together toward a common goal to make our community a better place. Sergeant Carraway and Investigator Turner paid the ultimate sacrifice, making Florence a better place. For that, we will always be grateful to them and the many others that are still working to make Florence a better place.

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