Firefighter of the Month: July 2016

We would like to congratulate Firefighter Walker Drummond on being selected Firefighter of the Month for July! Walker is young in the fire service and has already accomplished so much. He started off as a junior firefighter with us just two years ago and was awarded the position of Junior Fire Chief before moving up to Firefighter status. Since he joined the department he has been able to attain his Firefighter 2 certification, Medical First Responder, and he is a member of our Technical Rescue Team. Walker is recent graduate of South Florence High School and lives in the Cussac’s community. We thank you, Walker, for being dedicated to serving your community.

Firefighter of the Month: June 2016

We would like to congratulate Firefighter Drew Poston on being awarded Firefighter of the Month! Drew is currently attending Francis Marion University and works at Yarborough Auto Parts. He joined the department in 2015 and has already made himself a valuable asset to us. Drew is always eager to help out and is a hard worker; he is a certified firefighter and working through the driving curriculum. We are glad to have Drew as a member of Howe Springs.

Firefighter of the Month: May 2016

We would like to congratulate Engineer Rudy Lewis on being selected as Firefighter of the Month for May 2016! Mr. Rudy has been with the Howe Springs Fire Rescue for 39 years now and has served in many rolls at different time in his career. He is currently our longest serving active member and continues to respond to the calls for assistance by the people of the District. We are greatly appreciative for the many years of service to the communities we serve, thank you.

Firefighter of the Month: April 2016

We would like to congratulate Senior Firefighter/Driver Tessie Smith for being selected Firefighter of the Month for April 2016.  Tessie has been with Howe Springs for over six years and has been the departments Medical and Infectious Control Officer for that time.  Tessie works full time as a Paramedic with Florence County EMS and has served the community in many other positions over the years.  She has served on the County’s S.W.A.T team as a tactical medic and on the Haz-Mat Team as a Haz-Mat Technician.  Tessie is married with 3 children and loves spending time with family and taking care of her horses.  Tessie was involved in a horrific accident on March 9 while responding to a call with EMS.  She has suffered life changing injuries but she has already proven that they will not be life ending injuries.  As she starts her rehab process everyone here at the department wants her to know that April is her month, 2016 is her year, and we will be here as long as it takes.

Firefighter of the Month: February 2016

BoardVPWe would like to congratulate Captain Mark Reynolds on being selected as Firefighter of the Month for February 2016! Captain Reynolds has been with Howe Springs for many years now and serves in multiple rolls. He is the Captain of Station one, Vice President, member of the Board of Directors, and manages all of our gear and uniform needs. Captain Reynolds works full time at the City of Florence Fire Department as a Driver. He is married with three children and lives in station ones area. Captain Reynolds is a valuable asset to us and we appreciate all that he does.

Firefighter of the Month: January 2016

JustinAllenCongratulations to Mr. Justin Allen on being selected Firefighter of the Month! Justin is one of our newest members and has accomplished so much. He has been in the department for less than a year and has already completed his Firefighter 2 certification (200+ hours of Fire Academy classes). He is currently working on completing the Driver/Operator requirements. Justin is a member of Station 5 located on Hwy 52 and was recently voted on the Board of Directors. He works for McCall Farms in the Information Technology department. Thank you Justin for all you do for us!

Firefighter of the Month: December 2015

H132Congratulations to Mr. Glenn Romesberg on being selected as Firefighter of the Month for December. Glenn got his start in the fire service while living in Pennsylvania. He has 54 years of fire service and has been with us for over five of those years. Glenn holds the role of an Engineer/Support member and is great at the job. He is consistently one of the top responders each quarter and is always eager to help out around the station. He has served on the building committee as well as the truck committee. Glenn lives with his wife off of Pamplico Hwy making him a Station 1 member. Thank you for all that you do for us!

Firefighter of the Month: November 2015

135Congratulations to Senior Firefighter AJ Melton on being selected firefighter of the month! AJ has fifteen plus years experience in the fire service, in which he has held many leadership positions within the department. He currently holds a position on the Board of Directors and Building Committee. AJ works at Otis Elevator as an engineer, has a wife and one child; he also coaches his son’s travel baseball team. AJ is an active member of Station 3 in the Cussacs Community, and consistently uses his is skills to advance the department. Thank you for all you do brother.

Firefighter of the Month: October 2015

131Captain Jerry Yarborough has been with Howe Springs for seven years now and is a vital asset to the department. He has worked his way through the ranks by applying his knowledge and skills. He is the Captain in charge of Station 3 in the Cussacs community with approximately seven members assigned to his care. Jerry is a successful business man with a wife and two kids and has still found the time to complete the Fire Officer 2 curriculum. He continually shows his passion for the fire service through mentoring new members and assist with station training on a regular basis. Not only has he received multiple awards throughout his years of service but he currently holds a seat on the Board of Directors and is the Treasurer for Howe Springs. Thank you Jerry, for all that you do for us here at Howe Springs. You are a blessing to all of us!

Firefighter of the Month: August 2015

RileyProsser The firefighter of the month award goes to Firefighter Riley Prosser! He has been involved with the fire service his entire life; watching his father fill the role of a firefighter in Johnsonville inspired Riley to join the fire service at the age of 15. Once he graduated high school Riley moved to the Florence area and joined us here at Howe Springs. Riley has completed classes to meet the Firefighter 2 certification and recently begun training to become a driver. He currently works full time at West Florence Fire District and will finish his degree in Accounting at Florence Darlington Technical College this Fall. We congratulate you Riley and are glad to have you as a member of Howe Springs.

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